We have a Facebook Page!!!

Kia ora folks!  So after a few months of close friends telling me I needed to have a business page on facebook for my creations, I have finally got myself sorted out and done one.  I guess I had been holding off because I wanted things just right….. but I have realised that if I wait for everything to be just right, I may never do anything.  So Rebecca Boyce Creations is live on facebook.  I will use the page to show new items that have been created, the new pieces will eventually end up on the website store as well.

The page is where you can go to see just my creations.  For daily updates on chicken and duck shenanigans you’ll still get to see them on my personal page and probably all over your newsfeed….sorry…. not sorry!!

See our awesome handmade products.

Handmade with Aroha in Aotearoa. All our products are made with special consideration of the environment and the person who purchases.

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