The search continues

For the past couple of weeks I have been looking for glazes for my paua bowls.  The first one was a great mix of blues and greens, but was missing the iridecense and pinks, so I tried again.

Unfortunately the second came out very dark – the haphazard way I was slapping on glazes was the cause.  On it’s own each glaze was perfect, but together not so.  You can see in the pic below (bottom one) that there are some lovely colours, what I need to get are the colours in the one above it, which coincidentally occurred in a small bowl where I again slapped a couple of glazes together .  At the moment I am using premixed commercial glazes, the idea will be that I eventually start making my own – picture me in a white lab coat being a mad scientist.


There are so many variables when it comes to ceramics and ceramic glazes, and a lot of these variables need testing…..otherwise you end up with the paua on the right.

So the search continues!

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  1. Just love the work you are doing. The paua especially appeals to me because of those gorgeous iridescent colours.


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