Terracotta glaze firing

Unloaded the kiln today, was a bit apprehensive about what I was going to find when I opened the kiln door. I was pleasantly surprised with a majority of the pieces.

What I am finding with the terracotta and the kiln is that I don’t have a firing programme that the clay likes. It is either not hot enough or too hot, both scenarios resulting in some ho hum results. Below are the pieces that passed the approval test.

Little salt bowl, herb plant labels and a coil formed vase. All look really earthy and make a great change from the porcelain pieces. The first photo below show the preglaze colour – it’s had one firing. The other photos are after the glaze firing, you will note the colour change in the clay. I have never been able to get my terracotta to keep it’s bright orange colour. Perhaps its just not the clay for me ?

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