Preparation for Ngāpeke Kākāriki Market

So excited to announce that Rebecca Boyce Creations will be a vendor at the Ngapeke Kākāriki Market – inaugural market on Sunday 19th December, in Tauranga Moana. The market is being hosted by the Ngapeke 7 Trust and is looking to create opportunities for locals around Welcome Bay and Tauranga Moana to sell their produce or products.

This will be the first market I have ever done, so busy making items that I think will appeal to people coming to the market. Drop me a message below if you think of something that will be a hit!

Below is the first batch of kawakawa soaps – ingredients for these are 3 types of oils (olive, sunflower and coconut), 1 that was infused with kawakawa and lye. No added fragrances or colourings. I may felt a few of them because I was a bit rough getting them out of the molds so they are marked up. Next lot will be lavender and then calendula – all with some amazing health / healing properties.

On the ceramics side I will get some soap dishes done – makes sense to have these if I am selling soaps. Some succulents bowls like the one I have freestyle carved, paua bowls and some pendant oil diffusers. I will take all my other creations too, time to move some of my beloved pieces along.

See our awesome handmade products.

Handmade with Aroha in Aotearoa. All our products are made with special consideration of the environment and the person who purchases.

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