Spring is here!! and Christmas is coming!!

1st of September has rolled around and there is spring in the air.  There has been a lot of activity in the gardens with forgotten bulbs popping up, vegetable seedlings bolting to seed, and the chickens being back to their egg laying best.  There has also been a lot of action on the ceramics front with the online shop full of all previously made items.  

The intention is to sell all these wares before I start forming unhealthy attachments with the pieces that gave me the ‘gasp’ moments when I first saw them.  Some of the earlier pieces or those with blemishes have been priced accordingly.  So – this is a great time to get in there and get some of your Christmas shopping done now.  

See our awesome handmade products.

Handmade with Aroha in Aotearoa. All our products are made with special consideration of the environment and the person who purchases.

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