HINETAKURUA aka Sirius – this star is seen on the eastern horizon in the month of Pipiri before the sun rises. It is considered to be one of the two wives of the sun, with whom the sun spent the winter months.

Winter is a great time to get things in order in the whare.  I thought I was going to do some planning, sort out where I am going with the ceramics and the creating, then ease into it in a few months. But nope, have got a few things coming up.


First up – I have some of my work being displayed (and for sale) at Mauao Adventures as part of the Matariki celebrations.  The Kaitiaki Plates and paua soap dishes will be there along with some newly made felted soaps.

Felted soaps are soaps that have had wool felted around them.  They work as a wash cloth and soap all in one.  Wool is a natural antibacterial and provides an exfoliating type action.

Other benefits are:

  • Soaps last longer
  • No soap slime
  • Soap lathers better
  • Once expended the wool can be composted


The next project coming up for Rebecca Boyce Creations is moving out of the R & D stage with shaving bowls that will be stocked at a local Barbers Here is the first bowl.

RB Creations | Handmade Shaving Bowl

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Handmade with Aroha in Aotearoa. All our products are made with special consideration of the environment and the person who purchases.

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